"Every handcrafted creation weaves a story of resilience and empowerment"

100% of your purchase provides micro-loans for our aspiring artisans.

Our Story

- Passionately devoted to bringing unique, ethically hand-woven artisan creations to enhance your lifestyle and home.
- Inspire our hill tribe women artisans, nurture creativity, preserve their ancestral weaving tradition, and provide sustainable income.
- Dedicated to weaving a partnership together empowering future entrepreneurs, one woman, family, and community at a time.
Women intentionally inspiring each other creatively and collectively. Artisans striving to preserve their traditional hill tribe weaving craft, produce sustainable income, and promote progressive thinking as entrepreneurs.
A tapestry is created with many strands of yarn carefully interconnected, woven into a beautiful and resilient design.  Hands To Heart Thailand is a journey of two cultures and many hearts passionately intertwined, weaving a story of empowerment, hope, and sustainability since 2016. We are passionate about building lasting relationships with our artisans and being interconnected to their weaving from beginning to end as the foundational loom. Everything we do is woven together to tell their story through unique hand-made weavings.
Our philosophy is built on collaborative decision making between the artisan and ourselves. We intentionally do business in this way to honor and encourage their journey of empowerment as entrepreneurs. Hand-loom weaving is an art of intricacy, time, and labor, which we recognize through providing direct trade prices to our artisans. The sales through Lanna Foundation of their artisan weaving offers more than fair trade price, empowerment as entrepreneurs, and a sustainable family income. In turn, 100% of the proceeds of your purchase from Hands to Heart goes into a micro-loan fund through Lanna Foundation and on to our collaborative organization ITDF (Integrated Tribal Development Foundation) in Northern Thailand. This micro-loan fund provides opportunities to cooperative members for further training and development in their craft, entrepreneurship skills and weaving materials, as well as a family emergency fund.
Weaving is also about "community" in these artisans' villages, connecting with each other, encouraging and helping reach goals, and feeling united. We believe the community is about being part of something much bigger than ourselves. Hands to Heart Thailand strives to expand the community by connecting artisans, ourselves, and you. We invite you to become part of the Hands to Heart community alongside these precious women, empowering them to new horizons, honoring and sharing their stories with others as you enjoy their hand-woven craft. From artisan to the importer to you- we are expanding the community, empowering lives, and creating resiliency, one weaving at a time.